About Lead Calgary

We are a group of Calgarians who are passionate about our city. We come from many different backgrounds – we run small businesses, teach in schools, work with charities and not-for-profits, and are active in our local communities. We believe that Calgary needs to be led by a City Council who will set aside rancour and division, tackle the very real challenges our city is facing, and plan for a strong and vibrant Calgary for decades to come. We will be advocating for new ideas in the 2021 Calgary municipal election and will support candidates who offer what Calgary needs most right now: Leadership.

What We Believe

  1. Restore fiscal responsibility to Calgary.
  2. Cut property taxes for homes and businesses.
  3. Real accountability and transparency at City Council.
  4. Reduce the size and cost of local government.
  5. Focus on core services for everyday Calgarians.
  6. Promote safe communities which protect Calgarians.
  7. Create a climate of economic growth and entrepreneurship in Calgary.
  8. End the influence of special interests and political insiders at City Hall.

Support Our Work

As a municipal third party group, Lead Calgary can accept donations from citizens, businesses, and other approved organizations. If you want to support positive change for Calgary, then please consider donating to Lead Calgary – let’s work together to bring back real leadership for our municipal government!

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