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At the heart of all good management strategy there exists the need for transparency and accountability. The past 10 years, and more specifically the last four years, Calgary’s City Council has been remiss in ensuring transparency and accountability.

The next Council, to be elected on October 18, 2021, must ensure that we have fewer closed door meetings, and that Councillors are allowed to express themselves freely on matters concerning public matters. Calgarians must have access to more information rather than being forced to pursue lengthy Freedom of Information (FOIP) applications. All City data, including voting records for City Councillors and line-by-line spending, should be made accessible in formats which allow rigorous external analysis.

To ensure that Councillors get proper information, we propose that the City’s administration is to provide quarterly variance reports, showing the differences between budgeted and actual spending, to ensure proper oversight and timely management of the City’s finances. Furthermore we propose that the Audit Committee be restructured with the Chair being an independent person and not a Councillor, who will report to Council on regular basis.

Providing City Council and the general public with more timely, accurate, and accessible financial data will contribute towards the goal of improving transparency and accountability at City Hall.